Thank you God for Saturday afternoons. Saturdays are days when I get to sleep in and wake up late.  A day for spending quality time with my wife and family.  A day to enjoy the home, in fact the life, that me and my wife have worked to build. I am grateful for even the little things that happen on this day, like being able to prepare a leisurely lunch and eating at the kitchen table. It is lovely to get to spend time doing the activities I enjoy, such as relaxing on the couch reading a good book.

I simply love the calm and tranquil feeling that a slow Saturday provides. I forget about any stressors from the week, and just relax into the knowledge that today, there is nothing I need to do. There are no obligations except to slow down and let all the less relaxing feelings simply flow out of my body. There is a feeling of balance that this day gives me. It is as if the freedom which Saturday offers allows me to get in touch with my inner essence. And so I always leave Saturday feeling centered. But perhaps the best feeling Saturday provides is fun, a kind of joyful happiness that comes from spending time with the people I love, doing the things I enjoy. Saturday is truly a happy day.

I love the thought that, while an individual Saturday may end, I need only wait for another seven days and Saturday is back!  Saturday is called the “Sabbath,” the seventh day when God rested from making his creation.  Having a day of rest every week is truly important, which is why I make it a priority to maintain the restful and relaxing nature of Saturday in tact. And I know if I ask God to help me keep a Sabbath, he will, for God knows the value of a day of rest.